Monday, March 17, 2014


Craziness, I know, considering the amount of snow we still have here... but we have a lot of ground (and subsequent mud!) appearing through!  Will this be the final melt, or will there still be more snow to come (it is only March, after all).

Yes, I realize that today many people will be drinking green beer and celebrating St. Patrick's Day, but I do things a little differently here... today is the day, I started my seeds.  Because you know, in 8 weeks, all risk of frost will have passed, and the plants can be hardened off outside.  Or so the theory goes.

I'm going conservative this year - planting only 3 of the 40 or 60 varieties of tomatoes I have, just one type of bell pepper, one type of broccoli, and brussel sprouts (for something different).  I have no idea if the seeds will germinate or not - my stock is several years old now, so will be needing replacement in the next year or so.  I have other seeds to plant as well, but that depends on whether or not we're still living in our cozy little apartment, or are moving into one of those more spacious houses I keep eyeing up (and pinning on Pinterest).  I have several varieties of beans I still want to put in, but that won't be until May... and who knows where I'll be then.  Today, I just made myself happy with starting the seeds stated above, and by starting a Basil (three varieties) and Stevia herb pot, to be kept in the house (or maybe on the balcony).

It was a gorgeous day today... the sun was shining, it was warm... I was totally in love and in a great mood.  I took the boys for a walk in the morning before nap time, and dropped out the two photos of 'T' that I really like to his mother.  The pictures are really stinkin' cute, and it felt good to share.

Then in the afternoon, I had DH clear off the balcony with me so that the boys had somewhere outside to play (because it was just the beautiful outside).  Once it was done (and it was quite the job, because I had the remnants of my garden from before DH got cancer still out there), I set the boys loose with a bucket of sidewalk chalk.

They. Loved. It.

Total joy.  Did not want to come in for dinner.

Little booger-heads.

There is definitely going to be a sandbox this year... love having my boys!  If I play my cards right, I'll be able to keep them busy outside so I can spend time gardening!

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  1. Love the pictures of the boys!

    It's still a bit chilly here but definitely getting nicer